ICC to Host symposium "The World Order in Light of the Coronavirus Pandemic"

Isa Cultural Centre (ICC) has hosted, the symposium"The World Order in Light of the Coronavirus Pandemic" organized by the General Secretariat of the Alliance of Arab Thought and Culture Centers through visual communication technology, with participation of influential officials, thinkers and experts.
During his keynote speech at the opening of the symposium, His Excellency Mr. Nabil bin Yaqoob Al-Hamr, Adviser to the King of Bahrain for Media Affairs, presented an optimistic view of the aftermath of the Coronavirus epidemic, stressing on the global human collaborations and scientific international cooperation.
 His Excellency Dr. Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Executive Director of the Isa Cultural Centre, praised on the national humanitarian efforts of Bahrain to combat the Coronavirus (Covid 19). He questioned the feasibility of the open global system, and what this system caused insufficient local administration, and its peculiarities in many countries of the world, and the inability to implement the simplest preventive standards, due to the priorities of the global system and its agenda, which imposed on those countries, pointing out that Bahrain was among the first Arab countries in its safety against the Corona pandemic, thanks to its policies that balanced the constraints of the global system with its specificity Openness, which puts the citizen, resident, and the visitor in mind, among its priorities.
This intellectual symposium dealt with four points to look at the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the of the Wrold Order; the determinants and constraints of the New-state; as well as the determinants of power in the new global geopolitics, and the impact on the social behavior.
Jamila Ali Salman, Second Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council of Bahrain chaired the first session of the symposium, in which Professor Osama Heikal, Minister of Information of Egypt, and Dr. Muhammad Abu Hammour, Secretary-General of the Arab Thought Forum in Jordan, and Moroccan Thinker and Academic Dr. Abdul Haq Azouzi.
The second session was chaired by Mr. Mohamed Yusuf, Chief of Media and Press at the Isa Cultural Centre, in which Dr. Asaad Al-Shamlan, Professor of Political Science at the Prince Saud Al-Faisal Institute for Diplomatic Studies in Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Mohammed bin Hoyden, Professor of International Relations at the Emirates University, and Khalil Al Thawadi, Assistant Secretary-General, Head of the Arab Affairs and National Security Sector at the League of Arab States, spoke.
On the second day, Dr. Saleh Al-Manie, professor of political science at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia chaired the third session, of which speakers were Mr. Hussein Al-Majali, Member of the Jordanian Senate; Dr. Mohamed Tawfiq Mellin, Director-General of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies in Morocco, and Professor Sami Al-Nisef, a Aolitical Analyst and former Minister of Information in Kuwait.
The final session reviewed the notes of  Dr. Mohamed Al-Orabi, head of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Egyptian Parliament, and Dr. Ayed Al-Mani, a Kuwaiti Academic and Political Analyst, and The Emarati Writer and Journalist Mr. Mohamed Al-Hammadi, in which the session was moderated by Mr. Kayed Hashem, Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab Thought Forum in Jordan.
In the closing statement of the symposium, the General Secretariat welcomed the invitation of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies in Morocco to host the next edition of the symposium, in conjunction with the institute issuing its annual strategic report on the topic "The New World After the Covid 19 Pandemic", focusing on the future of the Arab world.

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