hildren Library at (ICC) organized a workshop: "Bahraini Folklore Arts"

Children Library (CL) at Isa Cultural Centre (ICC) organized a workshop: "Bahraini Folklore Arts", presented by Mrs. Sharifa Al-Zayani, a Gulf Folklore Scholar Specialized in performaning arts, within the framework of the Bahrain's celebrations of national holidays.
The workshop included an introductory presentation on types of Bahraini folklore performing arts, and the occasions in which they are performed, in addition to teaching children the methods and steps of performing, costumes, musical melodies, kinetic arts, and the tools that are used in each art.
The workshop dealt with the performance of a number of arts such as the Albastah, the Samry, tamboura, Khumari, Muradah and others. The children also got acquainted with some of the popular terms, customs and traditions associated with the events in which these arts are held.
CL aims at reviving the heritage in children's memory, introducing Bahraini folklore arts, which are an integral part of the national identity and the history of the Kingdom. It also aiming at ensuring their inheritance and preserving them from extinction, especially among the younger generations of Bahrain children.

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