Prof. Wahib Al-Nasser Reviews Weather Conditions Between Meteorology and Heritage

Isa Cultural Centre (ICC) organized a lecture entitled “Weather Conditions between Meteorology and Heritage,” presented by Professor of Applied Physics, Wahib Al-Nasser.

Al-Nasser reviewed a number of topics covering and defining concepts of climatology, including: weather conditions and natural phenomena, the characteristics of Bahrain’s weather, the factors affecting Bahrain’s climate, and the modern monitoring tools that are used. He also shared most important meteorological reports for the Kingdom of Bahrain and their results over the past century and the effects of climate change on the future.

The lecturer also presented the heritage  antiquities and traditional methods used by the people of Bahrain, the Arabian Peninsula, and some Arab countries in monitoring weather conditions and predicting weather changes. Al-Nasser stressed that the traditional methods widespread in Bahrain are done by monitoring the astronomical signs according to the Gregorian calendar.

He explained that the traditional methods of monitoring astronomical horoscopes helped establish prayer times in Bahrain, define the times of the four seasons and rains, and determine the cultivation and harvest seasons, in addition to the seasons for fishing.

He pointed out that traditional proverbs related to astronomical calculations are inspired by Arab heritage, and apply more to weather conditions in the desert areas in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula and surroundings, stressing that some of these proverbs do not fit accurately with Bahrain’s weather changes or not in pace with them.
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