Message from the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Isa Cultural Centre represents the dawn of a new era.. a new era of enlightenment and dialogue of cultures through the varied and sophisticated activities offered by the Centre.

This cultural landmark that bears the Ex-Emir's name who incubated knowledge and science throughout his life, may Allah bless Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al-Khalifa! Therefore, this Centre is a continuation and a new launch of his true path in incubating and nourishing the citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain. At the same time, the Centre commemorates this great man who made history in supporting progress and prosperity of this Kingdom.

Without the great support of his Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa, the King of Bahrain, this Centre wouldn’t see light and be a reality as it is today. His Majesty extended his true support to the Centre through closely following up the project in all its phases till it reached completion.. a huge cultural and intellectual project in GCC region. In addition, the kind auspicious of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa, the Prime Minister, and HH Sheikh Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, The Heir Apparent and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Bahrain Defence Force, added big value to the project and played a pivotal role in getting this landmark Centre built.

Isa Cultural Centre was a just a mere thought in the beginning that flourished through the true input and dedication of the Chairman of The Board of Trustees, Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalid Al-Khalifa. Thanks to Allah, then the true efforts of Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalid Al-Khalifa, that this idea turned into reality. He insists and closely kept an eye on the details of the project in light of the insightful directions of His Majesty. Now we see the Centre in its unique architectural design that is inspired by the Bahraini heritage as if the Centre is an artistic work that imitate the history and revive the heritage of Bahrain in all its details.

Isa Cultural Centre accommodates a good number of new cultural activities. In addition to the modern library, it includes a number of well-equipped conference halls and distance learning halls, the headquarter of the General Secretariat of Isa Award for Service to humanity, and the Historical Documents Centre.

This modern cultural Centre represents a sophisticated high-tech reference for students and knowledge seekers. It caters for the increasing demand of rapidly established universities and institutes in the Kingdom in a manner that enriches the role played by the Centre in serving the true path of science that was laid by HH The ex-Emir. The architectural concept and design of Isa Cultural Centre reflects the original Bahraini architecture. it is a magnificent artistic work. The interior design of the Centre gathers the original traditional Bahraini architecture together with the modern sophisticated architecture. Therefore, the Centre is a world where the old and the modern architectures meet.

Therefore, I see the Centre as the right place for cultural exchange and dialogue as well as a medium of knowledge for the citizens of Bahrain. In addition, it is a milestone and a landmark on the tourism map of the Kingdom. It also plays a pivotal role in promoting Bahrain image in local, regional and international arenas; as it is represents Bahrain global scientific and cultural position.

To conclude I extend my gratitude and recognition to his Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa for his kind auspicious of the Centre which is a generous gift to Bahrain people who truly appreciate it. I also take this opportunity to extend my congratulations to citizens and residents of Bahrain for this great achievement and kind gift. I also extend my special thanks to all those who contributed and supported this project, in particular the private sector inside and outside the Kingdom. I also continue my special thanks to the Chairman of The Board of Trustees, Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalid Al-Khalifa, and all previous and current members of the board of trustees for their dedication and sincere efforts to make this project a success. Finally, I can’t miss this opportunity to extend my thanks and recognition to the Centre staff for all their efforts to promote the Centre image and service its best interests.

H.E. Dr. Shaikh Khaled bin Khalifa bin Duaij Al Khalifa
Vice-Chairman of Board of Trustees, The Executive Director of the Centre

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