Workshop: Five Reasons for Teaching Culture Through Film

Isa Cultural Centre (ICC) in Collaboration with United States Embassy in Manama organizing:

Workshop: Five Reasons for Teaching Culture Through Film
Part of Made With Passion Programs (in English)

Professor Jacqueline Gray Miller. worked with movie stars Bruce Willis, Tyrese Gibson, Roy Wood Jr, Harvey Keitel, and more.
Time and Location:
Sunday, October 16th 2022. 5:00pm to 7:00pm. at Isa Cultural Centre (ICC).
Target Audience:
Those with an interest in the aspects of how films are powerful tools for learning about other cultures and intercultural interaction.
Workshop Overview:
You are about to step into one of the most fulfilling industries in the world. An industry where hundreds of people work together to realize a singular vision. An industry where unlimited creativity and advanced technologies intersect. An industry that strives to manufacture moments that evoke an emotion on screen. However, films are powerful tools for learning about other cultures and intercultural interaction too.
Workshop Objectives After Completion:
In Five Reasons for Teaching Culture Through Film, an introductory course, you will learn:
1. How film helps to create a unique environment for cross-cultural learning as it speaks to our emotions as well as our intellect. Learn about: Stereotypes; Ethnocentrism; Discrimination and Acculturation.
2. Films are cultural documents exploring the different elements of other cultures, including: Literature; Folklore; Art and Music.
3. Films also delve into behavioral patterns, such as: Customs; Habits; Dress and Food.
4. Films can be used as a tool to help students acquire knowledge about the sociocultural elements mentioned under declarative skills, including: everyday living, e.g. food and drink, meal times, table manners, public holidays, working hours and practices, leisure activities; Interpersonal relations; Body language and Social conventions.
5. Films often expose students to authentic language and its variations, such as: Accents; Dialects and sociolects; Develop students’ linguistic competence and Sociolinguistic competence and pragmatic competence.

Jacqueline Gray Miller Short Bio
Jacqueline Gray Miller is a professionally trained journalist. She has honed her skills by incorporating best practices in the areas of marketing, public relations, and strategic planning.
Founder of A JFG Production LLC, Jacqueline is working behind the scenes to craft unique, relevant content to strengthen brands. Services include filmmaking, copywriting, grants, public relations, and research. A JFG Production client roster includes politicians, comedians, and small business owners across the United States.
Former Alabama Marketing Manager for The Nature Conservancy, a global conservation organization, she has worked with state, regional, national, and international teams to leverage successes with donors, volunteers, partners, the media, and government officials to protect the planet.
Before her enthusiasm for nature took root, she served as Public Information Officer for the largest municipality in the U.S. State of Alabama for over eight years. She held responsibility for the flow of information from the Council to the public and the media.
Exploring the practical and theoretical applications in the professional communication fields, she earned a Master's Degree in Communications Management (University of Alabama at Birmingham).
Prior to her transition to government, Jacqueline, a journalist at heart, produced television news. The Alabama Associated Press has recognized her talents. She received an award for her contributions to the Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast at WVTM-NBC13, and she received the first-ever award for best college news producer.
Seeking to create a just and civil society, she has served on the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation’s Junior Board and Childcare Resources Junior Board. She has volunteered through Children's Hospital of Birmingham, Junior Achievement, the City of Birmingham Department of Youth Services, Salvation Army, Southside Ball Association, and the United Way of Central Alabama.

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